Bravery, dear heart

Welp, here I am again! WordPress kept telling me “it’s been four months since you last post…..hey, it’s been 7 months since your last post…HEY!” So with that, here I am fumbling around with what I want to talk about. I mean, I have a few ideas about some fun things I want to share, but I can tell the Lord has something else He’s been teaching me that I think is necessary information. If not for you, for me.

How many of you would consider yourselves brave?

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Praise During the Storm

Forgive me for the 5 month absence. It’s been an eventful winter/spring.

It’s 6 in the morning and I hadn’t slept all night.

You know that feeling of dread when your alarm crashes through your slumber? Or the deep ache in your bones as you will your body to move, or the nagging in your brain as it fumbles to encourage your limbs to wake up, or your lungs pulsing for a deep breath to fill them to give them life. I could keep going, but I think you get the picture.

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#PNW: Praying for Gods’ Noble Women – Dressember team 2016

This October, my pal Tabitha and I were hanging out in her bedroom. She was designing gift cards for a holiday craft bazaar and I was dinking around on my laptop when I saw this add for Dressember. I casually was chatting to Tabitha about it and she was like,


And the race is on!

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Pinterest Inspired, Bloggess Approved

I was stumped trying to come up with a fun and new and not stereotypical blog post to write for you guys.


I found myself on the glorious world of all things, a.k.a. Pinterest! YEEHAW!


does anyone remember when you had to be INVITED BY SOMEONE ALREADY ON PINTEREST TO EVEN BE ‘ALLOWED’ TO LOOK ON THE WEBSITE!?!?! Yea, me too and that’s how I got into the exclusive and prestige institution that is Pinterest. My friend Emma invited me (what a bro, am I right!?).

Anyways, while on Pinterest, I stumbled upon a list of 160 blog post ideas (GOLD MINE) and one that caught my attention was download and insert your last 10 pictures from your phone and write a little blerb about each one; detailing the events in the photographs.

GREAT IDEA! So here goes nothing! Ladies and Gents, my last 10 photos & 10 stories to accompany them.

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Beautifully Different

This summer, some of my guy pals asked me if I would join a co-ed soccer team they were attempting to put together. Welp. I was doing absolutely nothing on the athletic side other than running; but only when it wasn’t so hot outside that I’d have a heat stroke, which was seldom. So signed up, I did and away we went!

We were to have long practices in the humid, sticky-sweet heat at Claybell Park. Running, kicking, passing, two-tap passes, ankle stretches, lunges, ball control, kicking and blocking drills, then half field kick around games to work on offense and defense. Shoot dang, guys. It was H A R D. I don’t like being that hot and being told what to do doesn’t really help…even though they’re trying to teach me because this was the first time I’ve laced up soccer cleats in my 19 years. (Yes, they were little boy cleats and yes they were cheaper).

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Get Inked

Alright, so you’re probably thinking, “Dang, can anything else go wrong?” and the answer is yes; something could always go wrong. But with the car accident in the past, everything began to return to a sort of normalcy. Well, things did get better. PRAISE GOD.

Towards the end of July, our lead medical technician (med tech, for short) put in her two weeks. Oh. My. Gosh. Our unit was going down the drain. I’d like to say that that wasn’t my first thought, but it really was. She was amazing at what she did and very quick to help out when we were in a bind, despite all the other huge amounts of work that she had to do. She was a wonder mom, that’s for sure, and now she was leaving to broaden her work horizons. She had been a med tech for 20+ years (I think) and she just needed something less strenuous, I totally understand that. So the same afternoon she put her two weeks in, my supervisor approached me and asked me if I’d be willing to move up to take her place. I freaked out.

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Memories, Miles and Tears – D.A. Bradley

Coming back home from Boulder was bittersweet in every form of the word.

I couldn’t have had more fun if I tried while visiting my bester and all I wanted to do was stop time and just forget about all my responsibilities back in Washington; forget about my job, housework, my missing brother, signing up for classes for fall quarter and buying books. I just wanted more time.

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Summiting Mountains: Both Figuratively and Metaphorically

Shoot dang, guys. God is way too good!

So I had the most amazing opportunity not only to fly for the very first time, but to go explore the great state of Colorado! Boulder was the main trip stomping grounds, where Madi lives, works and goes to school. And let me tell you, it was more than enough and I feel like I haven’t even seen half of that city, being there for 10 days definitely wasn’t enough. I’ll probably have to go back…dang 😉

Madi gazing out her window upon the mountainous landscape.

Welp, I totally understand what the hype is about, it’s positively AHH-MAA-ZING! The climate couldn’t be more perfect for the end of June. The downtown area known as Pearl Street was so exciting; what with all the coffee shops, little lunch spots and boutiques. They were sweet and inviting, I felt like I was HOME. The BMOCA (boulder museum of contemporary art; even though it was closed, the sculptures outside were the best ever) was too cool for school and CU Boulder’s campus looked like I was momentarily exploring Italy. I cannot wait to go back to visit again, but the main reason I went was my best pal, Madison Top. Continue reading “Summiting Mountains: Both Figuratively and Metaphorically”

Oldest Sister Blues, or Should I Say Joys?

As the hours turned into days and the days into weeks, my heart became so overwhelmed in sadness at the loss of my brother…

Obviously, he wasn’t dead, but how could we be sure? He’s not hanging around with a very upstanding crowd of individuals and I came to find that the night he came home last from school, he was as high as a { k i t e } on something. (You may be asking why I would be posting this with this kind of information, couldn’t my mother or he get into trouble? Maybe so. But September 3rd was Hunter’s 18th birthday, therefore, my mother isn’t going to be held responsible for his criminal record).

In the grief at the loss of knowledge on the situation and the complete loss as to even having a coherent thought on the matter, I found myself on my knees in my bedroom yet again, asking God why. The amazing thing in this situation is the amount of prayers that have been answered by Hunter walking out that front door.

  • My parents, who had been divorced for 16 or so years, were getting along (praise)!
  • I had something new to think about other than the breakup (praise)!
  • I’m finding myself craving Christ and His peace so much more and I can just feel my relationship with Him solidifying ever more (praise)!

How can I not just praise God?

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